Richard Gless, PhD

Project Co-Lead, Chemistry Development


Richard Gless was previously VP of Chemistry at Arete Therapeutics (2005-2009) and served as VP of Chemistry at Galileo Pharmaceuticals (2003-2004). Prior to that he was VP of Chemistry and General Manager at Signature BioScience (2001-2003) and acted as VP of Chemistry, Cambridge Discovery Chemistry (2000-2001). From 1978-1999, Richard was Group Supervisor, Group Leader, Research Chemist, and Associate Research Chemist at Zeneca.


While at Zeneca, Richard developed or supervised programs developing commercial manufacturing processes for a number of biologically active compounds including orphan tyrosinemia and transplantation-rejection drug nitisinone (Orfadine®). At the US site of the UK-based chemistry CRO Cambridge Discovery chemistry, he supervised contract chemistry research for a number of large pharmaceutical companies around a variety of disease targets.


At startups Signature BioSciences, Galileo Pharmaceuticals and Arete Therapeutics, Richard supervised medicinal chemistry programs both in-house and at overseas CROs in India, Korea, and Singapore targeting oncology, inflammation, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease. For Arete’s clinical candidate AR9281, he supervised route development at a US CRO, wrote the CMC portion of Arete’s IND, and oversaw various subsequent drug substance and drug product CMC functions.



John M. Fidler, PhD

Project Co-Lead, Preclinical Development A14


John M. Fidler launched startup MyeloRx as VP, R&D, where he was PI for a Fast-Track SBIR Phase I and II contract with the NCI for AML drug development. Prior to that, he led research at Pharmagenesis on anti-cancer and immunosuppressive activity of natural products and derivatives as he progressed from Principal Scientist to Senior Research Fellow and VP of Biology. At Pharmagenesis, Dr. Fidler supervised Pharm/Tox/PK for drug development of an AML therapeutic agent through GLP studies and IND filing. Previously as Pharmacology Group Leader and Senior Scientist at Cetus/Chiron, he specialized in in vivo disease models in cancer and immunosuppression, led the pharmacology development of an immunosuppressive agent, and prepared the Pharm/Tox/PK portion of the IND for that agent.


Dr. Fidler assembled and was Leader of the Immunology Group in inflammation drug discovery at Lederle Labs (now Pfizer). Prior to that, he conducted cellular immunology research as an Assistant Member of The Scripps Research Institute. Dr. Fidler earned his B.A. degree with Departmental Honors in Biology from The Johns Hopkins University and his Ph.D. in Immunology from Purdue University. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers and has been awarded 13 U.S. patents.





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