About Us

Nanocare is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of a platform of patented small molecules in cancer metabolism.  Nanocare’s technology offers best-in-class drugs that are broadly effective, exceptionally well tolerated, and are expected to provide a durable response, positioning the company for both monotherapy and combination therapy applications.

Nanocare is a development stage oncology therapeutics company addressing the critical glycolytic HKII pathway, the “Warburg Effect”. The platform exhibits a therapeutic profile of apoptosis, immunostimulation, and safety across a broad range of cancers.

Nanocare is following the pre-clinical success of its original formulation with more potent synthetic variants and an FDA approved carrier for greater payload, for a targeted, commercially attractive therapy and potential exit as early as 2022.

“Mitochondrial channels have outstanding potential as targets for innovative chemotherapeutic approaches.  Drugs targeting them have a selective impact on cancer cells.  Focalized targeting requires modified drugs and specific nanovehicles.”

Small Molecule Modulators of Mitochondrial Channels as Chemotherapeutic Agents. Parissa S. et al, Cellular Phys and Biochem 2019; 53(S1):11-43